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Hi Melissa,
All I can say is that I will try my best to respond in a fair and reasonable manner without being antagonistic. As it says in the list description, I am neither a dictator or a lawyer so I think I can avoid micro managing or crossing the line into being a bully.

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I admire the fact that you created a new list. I am a pro lurker so I
have more experience with reading than responding so have a good idea
of how you handle things. I just hope that when it comes time to
enforce some sort of rule that it is handled in a way that doesn't
pulsate with a vibe of "1984" or make me feel like I am in school
again and someone was caught talking during class. I understand there
needs to be rules, but how they are enforced is handled can piss off
people. I'm not talking about those that can find anything in almost
everything to get mad about, I'm sure people understand what I'm
saying there. Speaking from experience it can be tough going from a
peon position to one of management and not look like you are being a
bully or betraying the people who think of you as a friend. I hope
that line isn't too hard to achieve here. Moderating anything can be
hard, dealing with a bunch of different people with different ideas
about how things should be and not looking like a total dictator or
asshole can be hard too.


On 8/30/15, Carlos <> wrote:
As the subject says, thanks to everyone who has subscribed so far and I will
do my best to make this work. We already have quite a few knowledgeable
members who have signed on. I would like to believe that I'm fairly open
minded so hopefully this will be reflected in how the list is managed.
Don't hesitate to share your thoughts and opinions LOL or to let me know
when I'm being an idiot. There are really only a few basic rules.

1. Discussions , questions, and articles about all types of technology are

2. Discussion of illegal activities is not allowed. If you are not sure if
a particular subject qualifies as illegal, feel free to ask me in a private

3. Try to be civilized.

4. Too many rules become restrictive and cramp my style so just use common


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