Re: Listening to the radio on 3g? Is it really such agood idea?

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Hi Flor,
So, if I listen to something that is a 64 kbps, will it not kill the 3g within a day? As in, like, 6 hours?

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Hi Rajmund,

You still may need to ascertain from your provider...

However, I now know that my previous two replies here (apart from replying
to Gene) were incorrect. (You can scrap/delete those.) I was getting
confused between the bit-rate of the stream, and what the telecomms use as
their measurement (which is bytes/kilobytes/megabytes of data.
there are 8 bits in a byte of data. So, at 64 kBps, or kilobits per second,
youì…±e getting 8 kilobytes a second. Thus, in a minute or 60 secs, you get
480 kB (kilobytes). (If the stream were 128kBps, you'd get 960 Kb
(kilobytes) of downloaded data. . Unbfortunately, for most of us, the
computers are better at calculating this sort of thing than we are. As a
further wrinkle, there are 1024 iB in a megabyte, and really not 1000!
However, we don't know what your provider uses for their calculations. It
is, however, likely that you can do a fair amount of radio streams listening
within your allowance quota - assuming that it's a reasonable quota by
today's hi-speed broadband standards.

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Subject: [TechTalk] Listening to the radio on 3g? Is it really such a good

Hi all,
For reasons, I only have 3g wifi, as of this point. As some of you will
know, I like listening to the radio, rather than having own collection. So,
here's the question. I think I know the answer, but just want to confirm.
So, I use m3u files, that are between 128 and 64 kbps.. Am I right to think,
that this means if I listen to a radio station for an hour, and it is a 64
kbps, does it mean I will use up 3840 kb off the 3g? Any clarification is

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