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it used to be fairly accessible years ago but I think they lost some of that accessibility as it went by. I use it years and years ago and stop using it because of accessibility problems with it. started using drop box and google drive and one drive and now iCloud drive. These is much easier to use but yes you have to make changes manually.
I have never been able to get them to automatically make changes. I think you get a 30 day trial with Carbonite ! so for those that it interest them give it a try as for you have 30 days I think it is to try them out.

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From: Victor []
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I've never used it, but I've heard that Carbonite is very accessible.
Last I heard, the price was about $60 a year. I don't know how much storage you get.

VictorOn 4/14/16, Gene <> wrote:
Drop Box is good but it is not a backup service. If you use it as
one, your data may be reasonably safe but Drop Box doesn't guarantee
safety and somewhere, it is stated by Drop Box that it is not a backup service.

I have only played a bit with Carbonite many years ago and I don't
recall if there were accessibility problems with the site. I don't
recall any problems when working with files directly from the computer
but since I'm not sure about changing settings or other possible
things you can do from the site, I don't know if your use is limited to any or any meaningful extent.

Depending on how much material you want to store, something I never
see discussed is data use limits. Some, perhaps many ISPS have data
caps as to how much you can use a month. After you reach your limit,
I believe you can buy more use for that month or just have very slow
service for the rest of the month. However, others on list probably
know a lot more about this than I do. My point is that if you have a
lot of material and want to back it all up, you may find that in
backing it up and downloading it all in the case of something like a
hard drive crash, you might have problems with the data cap. Off site
storage is the safest way to back up your data but I don't know what sort of problems some people might have with data caps.

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From: Matt
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Drop box is really good and for 99 bucks a year you get 1 TB of storage.
Google drive is not bad but to me not as good as Drop box.

From: Troy Burnham []
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Subject: [TechTalk] online computer backup

Hi All,

I recently had a problem where I lost a bunch of music and other sound
files that I had on a couple of external drives, the problem was that
my USB hub started malfunctioning and it took me a while to figure out
what the problem was, so I'm looking for some way that I can store my
mp3 files online so in case this ever happens again that I won't lose
everything and I was wondering what's available.




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