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Robin Frost

I'm not sure this is entirely true. I'm by no means an expert so if I'm wrong I'll happily be corrected. but I thought somewhere ringing a distant bell in my memory was the means by which one could select which folders sync to their machines and which did not. As to how accessible this is I can't say.
good luck finding your answer.

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Well, if you have the drop box app on your PC there is no way to do this. As
it will show up in the drop box app on your computer. The only way is to get
rid of the drop box app and then just delete the file from your computer. Or
use a cloud service that you are not going to have their app on your
computer like one drive or google drive and just upload the file from the
site and once it is uploaded you can delete it from your computer. That is
you want it in the cloud .

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Morning all,

I have a Dropbox account. In it I have a folder of stuff which I received
from a project with which I'm no longer associated. I'd like to remove that
folder at least from my own computer and keep it on the
server. How do I do this? I know it's possible, but I am not sure
how to accomplish the task. Any help would be appreciated.

Ann P.

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