Re: another wlm question. this time it involves a folder

Robin Frost

I’m curious why you can’t just move focus to the subfolder under trash you wish to delete, right click for the context menu and hit delete from there?
the only other question I have would be is this a folder of your own creation you’re trying to delete or one of the standard gmail labels/folders of its creation? If the latter then perhaps the hide option in that context menu might be better and then deleting it from gmail’s web settings could work.
Just a thought.

From: Kimsan
Sent: Sunday, April 17, 2016 3:13 AM
Subject: [TechTalk] another wlm question. this time it involves a folder

WLM is beginning to PO me lol.


Ok, I have my gmail, aol and charter email accounts set up as imap all in wlm.

Under my kimsansong@... account treview, there is a trash folder treview, when I expand it with right arrow, press down arrow, I hear the name of sub folders.  Are these ssubfolders in the trash folder or are they not.  What I want to do is delete the folders so I tap the alt key, right arrow to the folder tab and select delete folder but then it gives me the keytip to empty the deleted items, which it does but I want those subfolders gone.  Another thing I would do is press enter and go into the subfolders and rinse and repeat by tapping the delete folder option under the folder tab but it’s still there. Ug, I’m tempted to go drink… lol

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