Re: A question regarding low-cost hearing aids or personal listening amps

Rick Alfaro

Gerald, do you still have that link for those Siemens from amazon? Thanks.

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personal listening amps

Actually, many people find the sound of digital hearing aids anything but
natural,and thus have difficulty adjusting to them. If you have a high
frequency hearing loss, and you buy programmable digital aids, they will be
programmed, based on the results of your audiogram, to compensate for your
particular hearing loss, especially in the higher frequencies . This may
help improve speech comprehension, but make everything else sound tinny and
unnatural. High-end digital hearing aids have multiple programs that the
audiologist can program for different listening situations, such as
listening in a restaurant or listening to music. Such aids can cost $5000
each or more. Less expensive custom aids have less programmability and so
compromises have to be accepted. For instance, my $3000 pair of custom
Phonak digital ITE aids does a fine job of amplifying speech and making it
more understandable, but they make music sound horrible because the high
frequencies are attenuated while the low frequencies are suppressed. And I
cannot wear them at all outdoors because they are so suseptible to wind
noise, even in a light breeze. On the other hand the Siemans Touching aids
I purchased on EBay for $140 a pair sound much more open and natural,
probably because they have less high frequency attenuation. And although
they do not make speech as clear as the Phonaks, they are still quite
satisfactory for my purposes in most listening situations, and their more
natural sounds more than compensates for their shortcomings and lack of
features. I have also tried a few cheap personal listening amplifiers like
the ones you bought from Amazon, but their sound quality is definitely
inferior to that of the Siemens aids, and they do not fit as well, either.


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From: Rick Alfaro
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Subject: Re: [TechTalk] A question regarding low-cost hearing aids or
personal listening amps

Following up on questions regarding this sort of technology, I did receive a
set of some very cheap hearing aids that I ordered from Amazon. I didn't
like them at all so I've returned them. I'm scheduling a hearing test for
next Saturday as I really have no idea how much hearing loss I have if any
at all. I found these 2 particular units to sound very boxy sounding. Is
this the sort of sound one should expect when using these devices? In
addition, loud sounds weren't attenuated at all so even just the sound of a
glass being placed on a table was pretty disturbing when compared to other
sounds around me.

Do higher priced hearing aids sound more natural? Perhaps I'm expecting too
much for this sort of technology.

I believe Gerald posted a link to a Siemens set on ebay which I would like
to check out again but have lost that message. Gerald, could you please


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