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Vicki W

Thanks. No success. I had done that three times and it just keeps on going.

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One reboot the PC first and then see what happens. If no go then you might have a virus or malware . if the computer don’t do the trick by rebooting it then do a virus scan and also a malware scan with something like malware bites.




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Subject: [TechTalk] computer not doing Windows update


I think this was discussed earlier, but I have never had a problem before until now.


My one computer did my updates fine yesterday, but my other did not.


It has been trying to update for about 36 hours and just sets there.


They are both using Windows 7 and the computer which will not update did the updates about 2 weeks ago with no problem.


I know the internet connection is working because I can network between the two and get online with no issues.


I have changed no settings on the computer and checked my update settings for Windows update and they are the same as they have always been.


Any suggestions?







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