Flight stats

Walter Ramage

Hi folks.  I came across an interesting website last week.  It is Flight stats and you can monitor in real time the progress of any flight.  My Personal Assistant has gone to Turkey for a week's break and I was able to monitor her flight from origin to destination.  This website gives you the departure time, The longitude and latitude.  It also gives the distance from the departure airport and the remaining time to it's destination.  It gives the speed of the aircraft and it's compass heading and also gives it's altitude.  there is a image of the earth and it pinpoints the aircraft on that graphic (that is of no use to me but might be of interest for those with some sight).  I was able to follow the descent of her plane from 25,000 feet and 634mph and 61 miles from landing all the way down to 135mph and an altitude of 10feet.  Now all of this was with my PC but there is an APP for the iPhone from the same website.  Before purchase I just wondered if anybody has used this and is the app accessible?  There is a free version with ads but I'd much rather purchase the app and do without the ads but although it is very cheap, I would like to know just how accessible the app is or if I should just stick to the web site.  Any help appreciated.  Walter.

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