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I have already got a buffilow 1750 ddwrt router. The geek in my was more
wondering how they worked.

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It's worth noting the $500 is only to buy a few of the devices. I think a
single router is only $250, but for $250 you can buy a very powerful router
that can do more than this brand. I personally don't mind logging into the
UI with a browser on my PC. LifeHacker had a very good review recently. I'm
sure you'll be able to find the article running a search on their site.

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I was thinking that same thing. The geek in me wants to by it to play with
it but I did spend quite a bit on my new router as I am building a home

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For that size of an investment to cover your entire house, it had better be
accessible. I have a large house that is not Wy-Fy friendly, so I pay an
extra $10 per month to Comcast and have a second network within my house.
Once configured on all of your devices, they switch automatically from one
net work to the other as I move around the house. I don't often have an
extra $ 500 to spend to upgrade my internet network at one time.


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I see there is a new thing out that will replace your router and help with
spreading your wifi signal better around your house it is called a eero.

I see the configuration is done with an ios or android app. I wonder if
anyone has used this or if they know if the app is accessible?

Thanks for any help.


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