Re: Braille watches - maybe a little low-tech.

Walter Ramage

Hi. This is not so. Many talking watches are not cheap and are very well
built and stylish. Many have other functions such as alarms and stopwatch.
Braille watches are fine (I'm wearing one now), especially if you need to
check the time unobtrusively such as in a cinema or meeting etc but it is
not true to say they are cheap and poorly built, some are but many are not.
Some blind people need to use them because due to a lack of sensitivity in
their fingers, such as diabetics or some other ailment, they can't feel the
hands or dots. And what is this "Blind, Blind Blind" nonsense? Are you
ashamed of being blind? maybe so but I and many others are not ashamed of
being blind, I'd rather not be but I'm not ashamed. Do you use an iPhone
with voice over? If so, why? it shouts out "blind, blind, Blind. Are you
reading this via a screen reader such as JAWS or NVDA; Why? it cries out
"blind, blind, blind. Maybe you have sight so you don't need to use any
speaking products and if this is so, you don't have the right to generalise
on what is right for those blind people who might have to rely upon them.

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Hi all,

Absolutely, Carolyn, a plain, old Braille watch is the best thing
going. Talking watches were designed by the sighted who think they are
the best thing since sliced bread. They aren't. they are cheap,
ill-made and they scream "blind, blind, blind, blind" wherever you go.
It amazes me that people who are losing their sight are content with
talking watches, especially those who won't use a cane because they
might look blind. Makes no sense to me. Get a Braille watch. they
aren't really "Braille" they just have dots at the hours. That's not
Braille, and it can be used by anyone. You don't have to know Braille.
One thing I can tell you, folks, you'll be considered more of a
professional if you use a Braille watch.

Ann P.

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