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heather albright

I downloaded Pazera! I abstracted the zip file! I got the files: profiles, styles, tools, AudioExtractor.exe, AudioExtractor.ini, License.txt and README.txt. When I run the .x file, what do i put for input an   output folders? It had several numbers and I do not usually know what bit rate I need!  This is the first time I have tried to convert something manually accept for youtube converter, a while ago! Thank you for any assistance and thanks for the program!

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I was looking on the website for this product and I saw quite a few links including the audio extractor as well as an audio video pack. This link in the email in which I am responding to is for a portable audio extractor. I am not quite sure what that means. Is there a full versus standard version or full-featured version that includes more than some types of conversions? If I decide to go with this for my audio converting I might as well go and make sure I have as many file formats represented as possible. I already use CDEX for extracting but I find that a little clumsy for converting ogg to mp3. So I am looking for something else for file format conversion.

Thanks in advance.




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For the record, if you do wind up needing a tool to convert them, you can try Pazera Free Audio Extractor.


Brief usage instructions:


1. Press Control+O to add specific files to the list or Control+F to add an entire folder.
2. Select the output settings.
3. Select the output directory or use the default setting which is to use the source directories.
4. Press Control+E to convert the files.
Note, you can also find all of these options on the context menu when the list has focus by pressing the Applications key.

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If I remember correctly, ..OGG is one of those that apple is unfriendly towards. hehe
Taking Mat's suggestion though, it probably wont hurt to try converting one in Itunes, just to see if it gives you the option.
If not, then you'll have to use a tool to convert them, but, you should be able to convert a load of them at once, so shouldn't be too bad.

On 9/2/2015 12:12 AM, heather albright wrote:

Hello, I have several OGG files that I want to play on my idevices!  Is there a free accessible app to do this!  I cant seem to get them to play threw dropbox!  I get my MP3 files to play just fine!  I do not want to change them because, their is a lot of them! 

Thanks, Heather


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