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Pamela Dominguez

Wow! Yes, I've heard about the daily power outages. I read a book. It actually was a novel where somebody managed to go down to cuba to look for her mother, and she talked about the lousy food they had, the minimal supplies, the old cars, old equipment of all kinds, and the power that turned on and off. She talked about people leaving their radios on so that when the power came on, they would all come blasting on. I don't know how true this book is, but it sounds like whoever wrote it must have gone there. Pam.

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LOL! My fellow countrymen sure are resourceful. (smiles)

But it's actually worse than that. Normally this type of article has
some degree of propaganda attached in one way or another.

One thing we need to keep in mind is that most people in Cuba are dirt
poor since communism was forced in and democracy out so it begs the
question as to how the dirt poor people who are struggling just to
have enough to eat can afford computers and hard drives not to mention
paying for this provided service. For example those electrical outages
mentiond actually translates to the three or perhaps four hours per
day when the electricity is actually turned on.

The last time I received a first hand report of what it was really
like in Cuba was when I spoke with a distant relative who had just
arrived back in 1993 or so. What he described to me as the standard of
living was deplorable. Consider what you or I take for granted as
basic necessities and then try to inject into that the fact that in
Cuba you're entitled to only receive about 20 sheets of toilet paper
for the month. Note that I said sheets, not rolls.

From what my distant relative told me, one becomes familiar with which
leaves one can use to serve that basic necessity. (smiles)


On 4/21/16, Carlos <> wrote:
I thought this was an interesting article and another example of things we
take for granted.

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