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Yes, sighted seem to be disturbed by speech.

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I know that my husband and my son can work better with JAWS off than with
JAWS on.

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If you are using browse mode, the screen-reader reformats the page for
logical reading. I believe you can change settings so that the sighted
person does or does not see these changes but I'm not sure and I'm not sure
if the setting affects everything.

If you are not using browse mode, that is, if you are in My Computer or
Windows Explorer, for example, the screen-reader doesn't change what is seen
in terms of what is selected and shown as such. Some screen-readers turn
off many visual effects if they are on but that is not changing where things
are shown on screen nor if something is highlighted, etc. it has to do with
visual effects that I don't know enough about to discuss.

Genemore or less ornamentation or visual indicators of . However, the
screen-reader turns off many visual effects if they are on.
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The three screen readers do not modify anything visually on the screen as
you navigate. I believe that window-eyes does have a setting that will
highlight words as the cursor navigates the page. This feature is helpful if
a sited person is trying to figure out where you are on the screen. I have
had problems before where i was trying to show somebody sited something on
the screen but they could not see it. The reason was that the page did not
scroll down with the screen reader focus. that could be an issue you may run
into when asking a sited person for help.

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I hope to get answers to the below questions for Window-eyes 9.2, Jaws 16,
and also for NVDA.

On occasion I ask my grand daughter about something on the screen. So when
using any of the above screen readers, does the screen reader in any way
alter the appearance of the screen content? So for example, if Window-eyes
says that internet explorer is highlighted, would whoever is looking at the
screen agree with this assessment? Are their situations where the visual
appearance differs from what the screen reader states?


Don Roberts

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