Re: Is no way to share a folder? Help!

Walter Ramage

Hi.  Depending on the size of the file/files, Send Space should do what you wish.  You can as a free user upload a file up to 300mg in size.  Walter.


From: Pablo Morales [mailto:pablocmd2014@...]
Sent: 24 April 2016 12:13
Subject: [TechTalk] Is no way to share a folder? Help!


Hi all,

I am needing to share a folder with someone in the admission department of my school. They are not able to install  dropbox, they are not able to do any kind of installation, because they are not allow for the iT departments in my school. So they are regular users with limits for installing software like in everywhere  without admin permissions.

I have been trying to share this folder using dropbox, but there the accessibility is not helping a lot. Looks like in the way how I  am doing this force the other people to have dropbox installed in their computers, but not like receiving a link where they can click and download the documents from the dropbox web page. I am missing something in this web page, and I don’t know what is it.

Anybody have better experiences using dropbox sharing files to the people using links, instead sharing the folder in their own dropbox folder?

The people who will read this documents doesn’t have dropbox  installed in their computers.




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