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Brian Zolo <bzolo@...>

Thanks, guys, I’ll definitely give that a try!  BZ1


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Yes, it is in the


section in Settings Center.

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From: Gene

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Somewhere in JAWS, there is a setting concerning using MSAA in list views, if I remember correctly.  You might try changing that setting when in CCleaner and having it only refer to that one program.  I'd have to look through various JAWS settings to try to find it but those who use JAWS regularly and are very familiar with the more obscure settings may already know.  While this settings change may not be necessary in general for users of this program, for some reason, it may solve your problem.



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From: Carlos

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Hello Brian,

Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce this problem with either JAWS 15 or 16.

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From: Brian Zolo

Sent: Sunday, April 24, 2016 3:27 PM

Subject: [TechTalk] Ccleaner question


Good afternoon, listers, Brian Zolo here from Gahanna, Ohio.  I’ve been using ccleaner for quite a while; I noticed that in the latest version when you go to tools and then select startup that jaws will say 3 of 15 or 4 of 15 but you can’t just arrow up and down through the startup items like you could in previous versions.  I’m using jaws version 17 is there something that I’m missing or has there been a change in the newest version of ccleaner where this now isn’t being read correctly by jaws?  Sure do enjoy the list, have a great day and a great week1  BZ!

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