Re: queer restore issue?


Since you don't have a password assigned, try leaving the password field blank and just pressing Enter to login. If that works, you can use the following steps to remove the login/password request screen.

1. Open the
dialog by pressing Windos key R.

2. Type
control userpasswords2
and press Enter.

3. When the User Accounts dialog opens, uncheck the
"Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer."

4. Select the

5. You will be prompted to select your account and type your password. You can leave the password field blank and just select the
button. If all goes as expected, you will no longer be prompted to enter a password the next time you reboot.

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hi guys, I recently had to use system restore, as I had an issue with my windows7 laptop system.
After restore had completed, and I restarted the system, I got the messag at startup, asking for a password, this completly baffled me, as I have never had a password set up on the system.
Any Ideas what is happening here, and how I can get round the password thing?
Billy Inglis

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