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Yes, that's exactly why I asked what happened, as I'm kinda aware of the things, and reasons why he wants to be unblocked. But LOL, some other admins have also banned him. So even if there was such a tool, I would be worried, giving it to him. This person, and I'm sorry, wanted me to purchase him something, but can't remember what it was.

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Oh my gosh really bad question again marvin, leave that whole thing alone he's constantly trying to apply for our groups and we keep on putting them on the band list because Christopher and Hannah don't want him on their groups and they also don't want him to contact them.
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Not to be rude Marvin, but you have already asked this question once and the answer is still the same. No. And even if there were, it would most likely be illegal.
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Subject: [TechTalk] way to unfilter an e-mail address from my end

Is there any piece of software or settings, to get unfiltered from a e-mail address from my end or the senders end.

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