Re: Apple I4 Phone

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Wow, with nearly 75 apps, phone left on 24 hours a day even during charging,
WI-FI, GPS, Push-To-Talk E-Mail, et al all running, I charge my Shiny
Android phone once every two days! Even when my battery is down to 15%, the
point at which I get a warning about plugging in my phone for a recharge, I
can still use this toy of mine for nearly two hours bfore it goes down to 1%
and eventually turns itself off if not charged.

And I am NOT USING any battery app! I've got to love the stupid stuff I'm
doing to my Shiny Android phone, or, better still, my crapware just doesn't
know or desire to know how to MILK a battery and keep me on my tini tiny
toes! Either way, my Shiny Android phone and I are having a great time,
life's good!

Denver, Colorado

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