Opening a site in Windows Explorer


I deleted the original message so I'll answer in a new thread.
A Google search for opening ftp sites in Windows Explorer showed this as the first unsponsored linkk.
I'm not sure if there is any point in doing this if you only intend to download.  As the site says, you can download using Internet Explorer and the site says that if you want to do other things, you can make a short cut to open the site in Windows Explorer.  I never use Windows Explorer or Internet explorer for FTP work.  I use an FTP client.  So I won't comment on the procedure of how to do what you want to do.  but I will say one more thing.  It used to be that downloading using Internet Explorer was not done by serious FTP users.  there were too many disadvantages.  The main one I am aware of is that if the download were broken, you couldn't resume it.  You had to start the entire download over.  FTP clients allow downloads to be continued.  Whether Internet Explorer has become more capable and gotten a resume ability for FTP sites in recent versions is something I don't know and others may want to comment on.

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