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goshawk on horseback

any chance of that in english please?

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In windows natively, it does not support such switch like you mentioned. All these kind of function belong the job of a router or some sort routing firewall etc.

Or it can be belong to the service call load balancing which I don’t think non-server windows have them.


In such case like yours, you better off toggle it from the device manager.

Disable that interface when you want to use the other.


But take note of this, as its windows networking, it might cause problems. It might just not route the packet to the right interface. That’s the flaky part of automated window network routing.


If you want hardware networking and also USB WAN, you also can consider getting a  to 4 port router Which allows you to use the USB dongle as your backup internet.


I can only think of this model, I am sure tp-link, Huawei all sell similar product.


Thomas N. Chan

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Subject: [TechTalk] easy network/connection switching?


hello all,

does anyone know of any program which will make it easy for me to switch between wireless network connections?

because my current broadband has been driving me so mad, I have now set up a 4G connection to work along side it, especially for uploading, and larger downloads. because however, I can't get unlimited data on that connection, I would like, if possible, an easier way to switch between my 2 wireless connections, preferably with a single key stroke, rather than having to go to the network icon, look for my other connection, and then select it all the time.


running win7 ultimate 64bit, and window-eyes 9.4.





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