running a computer without antivirus?

Troy Burnham

Hi All,
I know 2 people, a friend of mine who is a computer trainer and also the guy who repairs my computers for me, who have mentioned to me that they don't have an antivirus program running on their computers at all time, and at least in the case of my friend who does this he says that he just scans any files that he receives as attachments before he opens them.
In the case of the guy who repairs my computer he says that antivirus programs just slow his computer down so much, and there are so many viruses out there now that the antivirus programs don't even detect and that's the reason he doesn't bother with antivirus anymore, and I just wondered what the people in the know on this list think.  I have malware bytes pro that I keep updated, so is there a need for an antivirus program?  I'm currently running the free version of avast btw.
Oh and another thing, I'm only running windows 7 and it sounds like my computer guy might be running windows 10 because he did say that there's something built into windows 10 that kind of acts like an antivirus.


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