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Regarding the whole tutorial series (which lasts about ten hours), it was
done mainly for beginners new to NVDA (I'm aware of reviewers saying I
should have covered basic Windows concepts, but I'd rather leave it up to
someone more knowledgeable than I to do it). Since publishing the first
edition back in 2013, I received requests to record more tutorials
(especially more so after hosting NVDA Users and Developers Conference
(NVDACon) this year), ranging from a detailed tutorial on using add-ons to
how to translate NVDA into various languages (there is a dedicated mailing
list for this effort, and I lead NVDA Korean translations group).
The nine part tutorial is based on NVDA 2015.1. The complete set consists of
the following sections: the tutorial series itself, plus an addendum on
using MathPlayer and NVDA to read math content on the web, and What's New
tutorials for 2015.2 and 2015.3 (the last one is important, as I demonstrate
some Windows 10 features and Microsoft Edge).
Regarding Windows 10: Like some folks here, I've been a Windows Insider
since last fall and have been blogging about Windows 10 since then. I also
produced Windows 10 Tech Preview tutorials for builds 9841 and 9926 (October
2014 and January 2015, respectively; I may produce another one once Build
105xx comes to slow ring Insiders). When Windows 10 came out, I advised
users to wait a little while (I told users to hold off until JAWS 17,
Window-Eyes 9.2 and NVDA 2015.3 are available; JFW 16.0.4350 has some issues
with Windows 10, which will be a separate thread of its own (if Carlos
permits it)). In regards to Windows 10 Mobile, no third-party screen reader
will be compatible with it unless Microsoft changes their heart (quite
technical, but in short, because of philosophy differences, no third-party
screen reader will run on WinTen Mobile, including the so-called IoT
(Internet of Things) Core, a special version of Windows 10 designed for
appliances and gadgets).
Regarding my dedication and hard work: I'm more amazed that there are users
who are loyal NVDA advocates. My philosophy is to take the back seat and
watch the results of what I sowed - I'm more glad when another person's life
is enhanced through what we NVDA contributors do. Although I do tend to open
the frontiers sometimes and serve as a leader in some cases, I do know I'm
under authority (on NVDA users list where I serve as a moderator and a press
secretary, I'm subordinate to the head administrator (Nimer Jaber), and I'm
still under lead developers' authority) and take my duties seriously (for
those using Studio add-on, you know what I mean - I tend to become serious
when debugging small bugs that affect how a broadcaster conducts a show). In
regards to my overall work, my contribution is tiny (really nothing)
compared to what Michael "Mick" Curran and James "Jamie" Teh has done for
the blindness community for almost a decade (and I say this with sincerity).

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You do amazing work for NVDA and your very much appreciated. Last week I
made the "Welcome to NVDA 2015" available from my dropbox account for people
who had not heard of any tutorials let alone an audio tutorial and it was a
download frenzy! My dropbox account was suspended in less than 12 hours for
exceeding the 20GB limit per day quota. Luckily, A regular contributer to
the blindtech group, Gene, posted the link you provided, or one similar. So
that kept the information flowing.

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication, Your Awesome!

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