Windows 10 nag screen

Walter Ramage

Hi guys.  Now this may already have been mentioned in the past but I so far haven't come across it.  For months now I've been plagued with the Get Windows 10 nag screen.  It pops up again after around 10 to 15 minutes.  I get rid of it and it once more appears.  I asked my computer guy how to get rid of it for good and he didn't really know but was seeking a solution.  However, in the last few days a friend informed me of how to do it and in my case it worked, I used the application this morning and that nag screen hasn't appeared since.  It is some kind of control panel thing and you can remove any windows 10  files that MS has placed on your computer, including it seems the whole programme.  If nobody has heard of this then I'll upload it to Send Space and send you a copy.  All you do is to place it on your desk top, when activated you are asked if you agree to their terms and after that you are faced with a kind of check box and you can disable the various elements you wish.  I've just went back in and if you wish, you can re-enable them.  There is no install with this, it just sits on the desk top folder.  One thing is for sure, I'm glad to get rid of that bloody nag screen.  Walter.


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