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LOL I'm glad you're around to think through the potential ramifications of suboptimal solutions.  I can be lazy sometimes so often I will simply respond with the requested information without really considering whether it is the best answer.

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I'm not sure why she was having trouble finding things on the desktop.  Without more information, I can provide information that may be helpful but we'll see..
Her problem might not be solved by changing the organization.  I don't know how the desktop is organized in Windows 10.  In Windows 7 and Xp, the only way to go through the desktop and see every item is the following:
While on the desktop, press home.  Down arrow to the end of the first list of items.
Then press home to move to the top.  Right arrow once.
Down arrow through the second list.
Then press home again.
Right arrow two times and down arrow through the third list.  You can't just start at the top and down arrow through all items.  When asking for help, the actual problem should be presented whether you ask for a specific solution or not.  If it isn't, those answering have no way of knowing if the solution being asked for solves the problem.  Often if people ask for a solution without presenting the problem, the solution they ask for either doesn't apply or is not the best one. 
In this case, the solution being asked for, changing the order of icons, may have no relevance to the problem.
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She is using Windows 10 updated from 7. She got one from the organization
in Garland, Texas. She does know first-letter navigation, which will work
for her, but she was having a hard time finding out what was where on the
Desktop. She is using NVDA, has been a JAWS user, but without a computer
for maybe seven years. I was surprised, when she called, that she was
doing as much as she was in a short time.


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It sounds as though your friend doesn't know how to use first letter
navigation.  Rather than fool around changing the order of the desktop,
just type the first letter or two of what you are looking for.  When I
see such messages, I immediately question whether the person asking knows
ways to navigate structures such as lists and menus efficiently.  it is
really not efficient to down arrow through a list of desktop items, no
matter how they are arranged.
I believe that having icons aranged by name will alphabetize them and I
can tell you how this is done or someone else can.  But whether the
person knows and uses first letter navigation may be a more important
Also, I'm not sure if the procedure varies depending on the version of
Windows used.  What version is the person using?

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I have a friend just getting a computer. She has been without for a long
time and might join the list. Anyway, I told her I'd ask if anyone knows
the command to put the Desktop in alphabetical order. Thanks.
Best from,


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