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That is because the Fn key is hard coded so it cannot be easily detected. The Fn key combinations themselves however can be detected since they generate scan codes which correspond to standardized expanded/media functions in most cases.

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NVDA's input help will announce modifier keys like control, alt,
windows and shift. It doesn't announce the Fn key itself, but if you
press Fn and another key, it will (usually) announce what that
combination does. For instance on my Dell laptop it announce Fn+F11
decreases volume and Fn+F12 increases volume.

NVDA's keyboard help works very similarly to Jaws - press Insert+1 to
turn it on or off if you're using Insert as your NVDA modifier key or
Caps lock+1 if you're using Caps lock.

NVDA's keyboard options also contain a checkbox to "Speak command
keys" which will always read control, alt etc as you press them, even
without input help on.

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On 16 May 2016 at 10:00, Carlos <> wrote:
Although I just remembered Keyboard Help also does not announce modifier
keys like Control, Shift, and Alt so the fact that it is not spoken may not
necessarily tell you much.

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Keyboard help will not announce the Fn key, but that in itself will probably
tell you whether it is an Fn key.

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What happens when you turn keyboard help on, insert 1 on the main keyboard
and press the key? You can then turn keyboard help off with the same
command, insert 1. You can use either insert, at least when using the
desktop layout.

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I made a mistake about that. The keys are here. It is that there is a key
to the left of Control that I do not know the reason for.

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