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Just guessing. Different screen readers, and or their versions?

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Yes, I have tried NVDA, and yesterday when I was talking to Freedom
Scientific, they asked me to use narrator. Then we noticed that even
using narrator some parts are not very accessible. The girl in Tech
support FS told me that if narrator is not reading that part, it means
that the problem is not of jaws, it is an accessibility problem of
Microsoft.Days before Freedom Scientific told me that the spelling
dialog in word 2013 is not accessible. Also the signature dialog in
outlook 2013 is not accessible either. So I am a little bit confused
because I noticed these problems that FS told me, but I notice that
the degree of accessibility in another areas is very different in
each computer.
Why this level of accessibility change in each computer?

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Hi all,

This shouldn't be happening, especially with Jaws and 2013. That
software's been out for quite a while. Have you tried any other screen
reader besides Jaws?

Ann P.

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