Re: useless electrical cords for other country's

Monte Single

I purchased a Kapten talking g p s a few years ago. It also came with three different plugins. I think the one with  three prongs is for Europe, don’t know about the other. Unless you are planning a trip abroad with your embosser, I’d recycle them.


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Sent: May-22-16 7:17 AM
Subject: [TechTalk] useless electrical cords for other country's


Hello all

Several years ago, I got a braille embosser.  It is a index.  With it came three electrical cords.  Only one of them is useable here in Canada.  I have no idea where the other ones could be used.  One of them has three prongs spaced far apart, and the other one has two round prongs.  I have hung on to these cords for some unknown reason, except that they are interesting to look at.  Would they be useful in any other country, or are they just superfluous junk?  


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