Re: problems listening to Sirius Xm online

Michael Mote

Hi Donald!  I have used the on-line version of the Sirius XM player with JAWS versions 16 and 17.  I have been successful on numerous occasions.  Firefox is also a good way to access the on-line content.  I would be happy to show you what I know.  Explaining it in an email might not be very easy to follow.  I’d be glad to help you at a time that is convenient for you.



From: [] On Behalf Of Donald L. Roberts
Sent: Friday, May 20, 2016 10:31 PM
Subject: [TechTalk] problems listening to Sirius Xm online


I welcome responses from anyone who can reliably negotiate the channels with a Windows PC on sirius xm dot com.  I especially hope to hear from Carlos who has said in the past that he is able to do this.


I have never been able to select and listen to a channel on this web site using Window-eyes 9.4.  However, using Jaws 16, I have been able to do this on a couple of occasions as recently as this past Wednesday.  However, since then, using Jaws 16 and Internet Explorer 11 on a Windows 10 desktop, when I go to:

I can no longer find the search field where in the past I had inserted either a channel name or a channel number, after which I would press enter and the channel would begin to play.  When I was successful, after hitting enter, I would see the name of the channel I had selected; and just above this would be some sort of graffic which when I clicked on it, would cause the content to play.


So now I can't figure out just what I am doing differently or if something has changed.


So if any of you are consistently successful at this, please give me some ideas as to what might be wrong.  I have not attempted to use Firefox.  Thank goodness that the IOS app is far more accessible.


Thanks in advance.


Don Roberts


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