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Hello Gene, the original poster is asking about the accessibility of Firefox notifications in general. Coming back to the question, if you simply want to close a particular notification, alt plus c will do. Sometimes, Important notifications tent to appear in Firefox, such as to allow an add on installation, which require immediate attention. In those cases, I could interact with those notifications by shift tabbing couple of times from the address bar.

On 27/05/2016 2:05 AM, Gene wrote:
Most messages can simply be ignored.  In some cases, you may or may not be able to ignore them.  for example, if you ignore the password message, I'm not sure you can continue to use the site after entering the information.  The messages are shown on a specific part of the screen intended for such messages and they just sit there if they don't require a response.  You can just ignore them.  You can go through the trouble of finding and closing them, but there is no point.  They will be replaced by new messages when a new message is generated.  In most cases, you can just stop them by taking another action you want to take or in the usual way of pressing control. 
At least, that's my experience. 
As far as not remembering passwowrds, you can turn the remember password feature off.  In the security section of options, you can tab to a checkbox for remembering passwords and uncheck it.  
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When browsing in Internet Explorer, notifications frequently pop up.  They can easily be read with the screen-reader-independent keystroke alt+n.  When using Firefox, I often get notifications, such as requests to store the password I just entered, which I don’t tend to do, even though there may well be no reason not to do so.  But I know no way to dismiss those messages, which often repeat several times.  Can anybody shed any light on this?




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