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Rufus has already been on the list for quite some time.  I also use it with my self-extracting WinPE images.

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Has anyone ever heard of rufus?

It's a program to create bootable  images to sd cards or usb drives.

I was told about it by a friend when i got my raspberry pi and it worked well for that. Here is the link to the site.

Should we add this to the list? I don't know of a similar program on it.

If there is something like this already there or other users have options they like better for this i'd be happy to here about them.

On 5/27/2016 6:26 AM, Carlos wrote:
1. Added WebVisum
and the updated signed version
to the list of freeware.
2. Added my CDex
written tutorial to the Tech Talk Wiki
and files
section.  The link has also been updated in the list of resources and freeware to point to the Wiki.  It was previously pointing to my Dropbox which has not been working for quite some time.

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