Re: can abbbbyy fine reader read after scanning a page?


Hello, I am also using the same version, but I don't know why the screen difference. you may scan all of your pages at ones, then send to word or any of your choice. Here I have "Scan to Microsoft Word" option when the software opens. if you run in to any problems, feel free to ask.

On 28/05/2016 11:05 PM, Joe Giovanelli wrote:
Hello, Antony and others,

Your suggwhstion about scanning into files listed in the File menu does work. I only had a couple of choicei: Web and Clipboard and perhaps one more.

I used Web. To make that read, I first had to scan a page and then send it to Web. That permitted an immediate read.

This must be done with each page or document to be read. It's cumbersome but it works.

Olusegun recommended sending pages to word or something else before scanning. Well, I only show 4 choices after Fine Reader opens. They are: Common, PDF, Other, and something else which I can't recall right now. Word or HTM are not shown on my screen.

This is interesting because I'm running Version 11 Professional and I think you are running the same thing. How can the screen be different?

If it matters, I'm running Windows 7 and System Access.

Joe Giovanelli

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From: Sachin <>
Date: Thursday, May 26, 2016 4:20
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] can abbbbyy fine reader read after scanning a page?

Hi, if your issue is still exist, try something like this. Scan your documents using the scan option available in the file menu, then, go to file>send-to & use any of the available options such as word or pdf. Currently, I don't have abbbbyy fine reader installed in this Notebook, so I cannot recall the exact options however, if you need further help, feel free to ask. This is applicable to fine reader v11 & word2013

Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2016 1:30 PM
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] can abbbbyy fine reader read after scanning a page?

For me, it does! I scan into Word too. However, I still run Word 2007, may
be this is different with another Word app such as 2013 or 2016, I can't
tell. it doesn't hurt to give it a try though!! I vote any day for Abbyy
FineReader over these specially adapted OCR apps that cost me 15 toes and 25

Denver, Colorado


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