Re: Seeking keyboard help.

Jeremy <jeremy.richards7@...>

Cool keyboard. Like that it has a number pad.
Does it have a Windows key on the left and a Windows applications key on the
right of spacebar?
Are all the function keys available, or does the FN key have to be used?


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You could also try this Satechi
which I purchased a few months ago. It can operate as either a wireless
bluetooth or wired USB keyboard. It can also pair with up to 5 devices via
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Hi Ms. Landrum:

Please consider taking a hard look at the Logitech MK270 wireless
It comes with a nano USB which when plugged into a USB port on your
computer can be forgotten for good <smile>!! It uses two AAA
batteries and may sometimes include a wireless mouse in a combo

If you have Microcenter where you live in the United States, you
should be able to pick one up there. I grabbed three the last time I
stepped into Microcenter. Alternately, always seems to
have everything except my sometimes foggy brain, <smile>!! Good luck
and all the very best.

Denver, Colorado

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