Re: can abbbbyy fine reader read after scanning a page?

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Joe, I can't tell why your screen reader of choice is NOT reading everything
it "sees" on the screen to you. I use Window-Eyes and all that I previously
shared are read. The only exception is the list box wherein I need to make
a choice of the type of scan I want to do. For me, it defaults to Choice
Number 2; regardless of this default, I am able to tab to a button which
reads: "Scan into Word." I'll have a pair of eyes help take a look at the
list box for purposes of learning what the choices are.

I press the spacebar or <enter> on the Scan into Word Button and the
scanning begins. When completed, the conversion is done and reading begins

I've never played with System Access, sorry I can't share any info relating
to this screen reader. Perhaps its Tech Support can help with a few tweaks!

Denver, Colorado

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