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christopher hallsworth <challsworth2@...>

Hello everyone.

I am currently connected to 4G. My current service appears to be ten times better than my previous one. However I am going to ring up first thing tomorrow over concerns that throughout the day the speed drops to almost unusable access. I thought this was because of busy periods until Hannah couldn’t duplicate the finding. We hope it’s nothing, maybe a minor change to the router configuration for example, but it could also be an outside fault or something like my security system interfeering. But at least unlike my previous provider I am not getting a whole day’s blackout as it’s called in internet speak, where internet doesn’t work at all no matter the time of day. The good news though is that in the night and most of the early morning access is fantastic. For example this morning I ordered us both some clothes from Matalan and the speed was blazingly fast. I only put this out there to demonstrate how generally good the service is. I am with Talktalk and my previous provider was Sky.

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