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Rebecca Ilniski <rilniski@...>

Hi all. If you own a group on, is there a way to send a message from the owner address and not have your name shown in the message when it goes out and just have the owner address shown.
Let's say I own a list called apple-chat. I go up to the website and post a message from the address in order to send it to the list. When I receive the message the from field still has my name Rebecca Ilniski but the apple=chat+owner address is the address where it is coming from since I posted it from the website. I'm asking this question because a friend and I both own a list together and we want to be able to post any administrative messages from the owner address without our names showing up and just have show in the from field instead of our names. If there's a way for us to set this up, please let me know where I need to go to set up and what needs to be changed. Thanks so much.

Rebecca and Zeb

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