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Carolyn Arnold

Isn't there some file to check that has my serial number and license number? I was thinking that there was. But, I have that information in my Braille file just be on the safe side.

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Carolyn Arnold

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Coming to this at an angle, , perhaps.
Regarding getting a renewal of JAWS on-line. I did this in January of this year, in relation to my new PC where I had to get another activation key to get out of demo mode. I filled out the FS Activate Form, and explained my reasons for reqquesting another key, and to reset my count, I having no keys left. I got an email shortly afterwards, saying that my keys had been reset, and that activation could take up to 24 hours to take effect. Fortunately, it was just a few hours after that that I was able to reauthorize JAWS using the FS Activation setup. (My serial number is in their online database, and I can see it there.)

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I haven't had that kind of problem with FS, but had it with Silver Script, my pharmaceutical insurer - billed twice on Visa, checking, should know in three days. I said if they could not resolve it, I would make copies of my Visa statement and send one to them and one to Medicare. As for Freedom Scientific, I wouldn't know where the power would be about a dispute like you have had.

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Hi, All:

I called FS today and got my JAWS SMA renewed. I tried online again today before phoning and got the same message as yesterday about their records showing that I had not previously registered my product.

The FS representative couldn't explain why my online attempts failed since she found my serial number in their data base without any trouble.
I told her the steps that I followed and she did not say anything like that's not how you do it. She just couldn't explain while I was unsuccessful. She said renewing online is supposed to be possible.
Maybe someone else will have better luck renewing online.


On 9/7/2015 1:40 PM, Carlos wrote:
Hello Margaret,
If there is any doubt then I would wait and call FS tomorrow.
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Hello, All:

I'm running JAWS 16 on 64 bit Windows 7 Home and have had licensed
copies since something like J3.3. My SMA count is down to 0 and I
wanted to renew the SMA to be able to get JAWS 17. I thought I
remembered that one could now renew a SMA on the Freedom Scientific
site and searched for SMA on the site. One of the results was a link
to purchase or renew, but I got a "Our records indicate you have not
registered your software product with Freedom Scientific. Please take
a few moments to register your product with us" message when I typed
in my JAWS seriel number in the edit box that came up. I'm 98%
positive that registering my copy when I first purchased JAWS was one
of the first things I did when my copy was installed. I'm afraid
that attempting to reregister my copy will only confuse things and
wonder if it would be better to wait until tomorrow and call FS?



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