Re: Filterin the computer, will it hurt?

Penny Golden

If it were me, I'd have done this already.  But she doesn't care if she has to wait till tomorrow.  and in the meantime, I found a little modular thing with 2 spots for phone cords.  So she'll have one for the modem and one for the telephone.
Thanks just the same. I had no idea that those double filter things could be set up so that one was filtered and one was plain.
Thanks.  I'll keep it in mind, though i myself do not need a filter on the hphones now.

On 9/11/2015 10:16 PM, Gene wrote:
Aren't you asking which jack to use to connect the modem?  If the modem isn't connected, trying the phone in the jacks won't tell you which jack is unfiltered.  you have to plug the modem in and try to use the computer and see if the computer can reach the internet.  You may have to try doing something a number of times.  You may have to try to load a page, then wait perhaps ten or twenty seconds, then try again and perhaps yet again after another short pause.  If the Internet can't be reached, switch to the other jack and try again.
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alas, jean, totals here, but she'll get someone to figure it for her; or she'll try the phone in both jacks.
I'll tell her what you said. Thanks so much. You're always so helpful.

On 9/11/2015 9:26 PM, Gene wrote:
The filter probably has two jacks, one that is filtered and the other is unfiltered.  Plug the modem into the unfiltered jack.  Can the person see?  If so, the person should see labels such as filtered and unfiltered.
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Subject: [TechTalk] Filterin the computer, will it hurt?

A friend of mine has just got her phone service working in the new
house.  They broke her little phone jack that had 2  receptacles for
plugging in both the modem and the phone.  Well, she does have a filter
that she uses to put the phones through.  Will it hurt to plug the
computer modem thing into the other filtered slot?
I hope I'm making it clear.   I didn't think it would hurt to put the
modem plug into an empty spot on that filter, which has two slots.
Will it hurt?  If so, just let me know and we'll get her a regular phone
plug with 2 plain spots on it.
You can tell i'm just an old lady and not a hacker. Sorry.

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