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Brent Harding

I tried it awhile back, for the phone calls, you have to use their app, and the same for texts. I dumped it on my old phone for one of the cheap Ringplus deals they offered because that error about not being able to text to get iMessage going was annoying.

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Well nothing is free someone some where is paying for it. Now will there be acost to you is another question in it self. JST

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My iPhone 6 is doing fine on Verizon, but I wanted a free or very low cost backup phone service exclusively for phone calls and text messages.

I keep getting promotional announcements from Freepop. In the past, I had ignored these because I thought that Freepop ran exclusively on the Sprint network which I think is a variant of CDMA. But now Freepop is offering a low cost sim and states it will run on most GSM phones, so they must have purchased space on either A T and T or on T Mobile.

I guess what I want to know is whether their free service is truly free. If not, what are the gotchas? As stated previously, this is for backup, not my primary phone service.

Feedback is much appreciated.

Don Roberts

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