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You can do the same thing if you own a router with a USB port. Many newer
routers include one.

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The Lima device is connected to all of your WyFy connected devices, and
therefore can be accessed from anywhere, just like you can access Dropbox
on any device from anywhere. You are able to connect to the Lima just like
you sign in to Dropbox. Below are a couple of questions that may help, you
can also go to the Lima website at:

Here is the content that I mentioned, the "Help" section of the website
will provide some much more detailed information:


Do I get any online storage with Lima?

Lima doesn’t provide you any online storage. The fact that you don't store
your data online doesn't mean that you can't access your data from outside
your house. Your Lima is connected to your Internet router which means you
can access all your files from wherever you are in the world just like you
can from the cloud.

Because of the cloud’s limited capabilities, all of your storage is at
home, provided by the hard drives you connect to your Lima and computers:
if you connect a 3TB hard-drive, you'll have 3TB of storage.

How does Lima differ from cloud services such as Dropbox, One Drive,
Google Drive, iCloud etc?

Lima is different from Cloud services for many reasons: It’s private: your
data is stored on the hard drive attached to your Lima device instead of
being stored on an unknown and distant server. This way, you keep total
control over your data and your privacy is protected: no third-party
server, no crawling of your files, etc. Nobody can access your data but
yourself. More space available: Cloud services need local storage on your
computer. If you want to put 200 GB on the Cloud, it will take 200 GB on
your computer. With Lima, you are no longer limited by your device’s
storage. Have a 2TB hard drive? Then you can put, access and use 2TB of
files on all your devices. It's yours: you buy a Lima once, get a hard
drive that will fit your storage needs, and that's it. No monthly fees.
You're not renting space on someone else's computer: you truly have your
own storage.


You can still have a free Dropbox account if you like to share files
between other people not connected to your network. Two GB of storage just
isn't enough for me to back up what I need to, therefore I have been
paying for the 1 TB plan at $9.99 per month. In 10 months, I will have
paid for the Lima device itself.


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Yes but don't know how that would work with sharing with everyone and how
portable is this? As this is one of the purpose of cloud storage is to
your stuff everywhere. Also does this require a power supply? If so then
this would make it portability not very good as if you have to have power
for this thing . I do agree it would be a good backup device .

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There is now a device that you can connect to your router and access via
WyFy called Lima. You have to connect your own external hard drives to
device, but it is accessible by any type of device, Windows, Mac, I
or Android device. It will support up to 7 TB of storage, and the cost for
the Lima only is $99. There is currently a waiting list to purchase the
device. Sounds like a great alternative to the cloud, and also a great
up device. If you have some external hard drives available, less than 1
of say Dropbox service at 1 TB will pay for the device. I am on the list
one now.


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I tried the new version of share by link and the percentage is in the
bar. Since most things that I share are temporary, this works for me.


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