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Anders Holmberg <anders@...>

But wont the iphone get damaged if you put it under your pillow?
I am also intrested in a vibrating alarm as i sleep with earplugs


11 sep. 2015 kl. 07:54 skrev Juanita Martin <jordmartin@...>:

You could set an alarm on your iPhone, and then put the switch to mute and it would still vibrate.

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On Sep 10, 2015, at 9:59 PM, Cristóbal <crismunoz54@...> wrote:

Hello list,
So my wife’s more a night owl and I’m an early bird. Thus, I am in search of some sort of vibrating alarm clock/device that I can perhaps tuck under my pillow or preferably strap to my ankle where I can wake up at a certain time without using a traditional alarm. Be it a standalone clock or even my iPhone. 
It doesn’t even have to be blind accessible per say as I can always use my wife’s eyeballs to set whatever time I want.
I would imagine something like this would be geared towards the deaf crowd, but I have no idea what such a device is called or what to look for.
Doing a quick search on Amazon, I really only find one result. Something called the silent vibrating personal alarm clock by Tec Tools. It has pretty crappy ratings though.
Can anyone recommend anything or what to look for?

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