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Here at home I am currently running 6 copies of JAWS on various computers,
and this week I just called FS for more keys. I don't like that I have to
explain to them why I need additional keys, I'm not 5 years old after all,
but they've never told me I've installed too many times. In other words, FS
will not limit the number of computers for which JAWS is installed as long
as the computers are for your own personal use. I considered the dongle for
helping others, but since I'll have to install a full version of JAWS on
their computers anyways, I didn't find any need for the dongle as I didn't
mind booting every 40 minutes.


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I would rather use the USB dongle and that way I not limited to just three
computers. I can authorize all the computers I want by simple plugging in my
USB dongle. Now the down side is you can only have one dongle so you cannot
authorize more than one at a time. But you not limited to just three
computers and you never have to worry about not having a key unless you lose
your dongle. I have had one for years and years and never lost my dongle.

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Why don't all of you just activate Jaws through the Activation Wizard? You
are allowed to have Jaws on more than 1 computer as long as the computers
belong to you. If you're out of activation keys they will refresh your keys
by request by email, phone, or from the website. Here's the phone number to
call: Activation: 1-727-803-8015

Take care.
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Hi Matt,
Thanks for explaining about the dongle, I've never had any program before
that used a dongle, so wanted to know what I could about it.
Since there is only a small likelihood that I'll have 2 computers, the
regular authorization should be just fine for me, if that's what I get.

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