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Jeremy <jeremy.richards7@...>

Brian, will you please do me a favor? Next time you're logging into that
computer, given that it is a Win8 or Windows 10 computer, please press Win
key+Enter to see if Narrator will begin speaking.



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Hi, Jeremy, I'm using bitlocker at work with bitlocker and with department
of defense computers at least, you have to first type in the bitlocker pin
before windows starts. This of course loads before jaws so you have no
exact way to kno when to type in the pin number. There is a work around
whereby windows will start without the bitlocker pin but it's got to be
approved by the higher level security folks and of course getting that
approval is a major challenge. The bit locker pin has to be entered before
windows will start. I'm certainly curious whether anyone else has found a
solution to this issue. I'm Brian Zolo, feel free to call me BZ, grin!
Should have introduced myself first, grin! You have a great day and let me
know if I can be of further assistance. BZ!

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Subject: [TechTalk] BitLocker on Windows 10 Pro

Has anyone on this list had any problems with bitlocker interfering with
boot up and JAWS?
Guess I'm asking if JAWS boots differently when using a Windows 10 pro
tablet computer with the bitlocker feature enabled.


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