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Hi Everyone,
Many thanks for your feedback on installing jaws, now I'd like to go a bit further and ask some questions on what is your favorite jaws option. Perhaps that's not the right word to use, so feel free to put the right one in if you wish.
Let me give you an example. One of the things i especially hate about system access, and I don't know if this is just mine or what, but just almost always when I run across the word bob in a text, it doesn't say bob at all, and one of the things I always liked about jaws is their dictionary. I'm hoping that the dictionary still works pretty much as it always did, but if not, could a few of you perhaps introduce me to just how you use the dictionary these days?
Here's another good example, and this one appears in Jaws, or it did in the early millennium anyway, and I'm talking about these 3 letter month things like Jun and Jul which don'e sound anything like June or July, but with the dictionary, you can make mar in to March and Jan in to January and the like.

I also liked the facility that Jaws had with scores back in the day, and I seriously hope that they've not removed it. So, have they added any other fun things that you can do with jaws?

My special favorite is how you can check for updates, I really like that, and that's absolutely the way it should be. With system access, they don't tell you about updates, they just assume that you'll want the update, and suddenly it's there. While I don't mind that, I bet there are some of you who would mind it quite a lot and might want to stay with the older version or whatever the word is.
So, use your imagination here, and if you think that your thoughts might be just a bit off the curve, feel free to write to me directly at

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