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Robin Frost

Upon reading the subject line of this conversation thread my first thought was uh oh has something gone wrong with the Bookshare site or the apps used to access its content? I'm much relieved that in fact this is more about preferences rather than actual concerns ultimately.
While I too prefer a human narration when it's good I also know the heartache of not being able to read a book that's either wildly popular and newly arrived thus the talk of many around me or simply wanting to read a book that interests me and no one else I know.
thus I myself rather than decrying that which isn't perfect I choose to rejoice in the fact that we have more options for accessing books, magazines and periodicals than we've ever had before.
bill mentioned not liking the default voice on dedicated players such as the bookport. It was my understanding that you could also download mp3 versions of bookshare books making use of other text to speech voices they offer which could be a more palatable alternative. I haven't used a dedicated player or downloaded an mp3 version of a book from Bookshare in quite a while so am not an expert on how many voice choices they offer via this service if any. I just thought I'd mention it as another alternative when using this service.

What others ultimately partake of is solely their choice indeed. I however, am simply glad that we have various services to even partake of and compare.
So happy reading and accessing one and all no matter your preferred choice.

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From: Bill Koppelmann
Sent: Monday, June 6, 2016 8:02 AM
Subject: [TechTalk] my bookshare concerns

Hi Everyone,
Someone brought up bookshare, and maybe this is a bit off track, but I
just had to say this. Now, this is only me, but I'm especially unhappy
with Bookshare as I don't like the voice that you get if you put a
bookshare book on a bookport or the like, and maybe i'm not the best
searcher of books, but I've not found any books there that I've really
been happy with, so I'm not continuing with BookShare, I'd rather have
my books read by a person, just one of my little quirks, but with me
being in my 7th decade, I figure I got the right. <smiles>
Any comments?
Bill K.

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