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Mich Verrier

I prefer human narration for sure. how ever on the other hand book shair is good for books that you can't find in any other format. for instance I have been looking for years for the audio book timothy of the cay by Theodore tailor i know that audible has a coppy of this book but it is red by jeff woodmen and not by the person who red the cay mikle boatmin. now i know that this book is red by mikle boatmin and i have seen it on audio cd but i can't seem to find a coppy. so untill i do then the text to speech will have to do. from Mich. ----- Original Message -----
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I agree with your viewpoint of that voice, I wish gthey gave more options.
With your preference for books read by humans, that pretty much leaves
Bookshare out. However, I can't imagine that among their more than 400,000
titles you wouldn't find a few you'd like, but if you don't enjoy reading
them with synthesized speech, you're better off with NLS.


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Subject: [TechTalk] my bookshare concerns

Hi Everyone,
Someone brought up bookshare, and maybe this is a bit off track, but I just
had to say this. Now, this is only me, but I'm especially unhappy with
Bookshare as I don't like the voice that you get if you put a bookshare book
on a bookport or the like, and maybe i'm not the best searcher of books, but
I've not found any books there that I've really been happy with, so I'm not
continuing with BookShare, I'd rather have my books read by a person, just
one of my little quirks, but with me being in my 7th decade, I figure I got
the right. <smiles> Any comments?
Bill K.

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