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Gerald Levy

And System Access will probably never have a dictionary because Mike Calvo has stated publicly that Serotek has basically thrown in the towel as far as remaining competitive in the commercial screen reader market. Thanks largely to the popularity of NVDA and GW Micro's decision to offer Window Eyes free of charge to purchasers ofMS Office, there is really no reason for Serotek to devote resources to enhancing System Access, and indeed, Calvo has intimated that System Access might even be discontinued altogether at some point in the future.


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From: Bill Koppelmann
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Subject: [TechTalk] jaws options

Hi Robin,
Yes, as far as I know, system access does still not have a dictionary,
and in my thoughts, that's its weakest link, and one of the many
reasons why I wanted jaws back on my computer as an older guy who sorta
"grew up" with jaws if I may put it that way.
Bill K.

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