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Carolyn Arnold

Freedom Scientific has merged with a company called Optelec. They say
something different when you call Customer Service, but they say it
pretty fast, and I didn't catch exactly what they said. They do say
Freedom Scientific, but other stuff along with it.

I've lived in my town for 14 years, and am on the third name for my power
company and the second for my phone company, so we are just in an
evolving world.

Bye for now,


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Hi Everyone,
I was wondering if maybe freedom scientific was still over jaws as I
thought that maybe it was under a new company or something.

It sounds like that I probably won't need to worry about a dongle, unless
I receive one in the package.
Oh, while I'm here, they used to have a disc with instructions, and I
think I remember actually getting a braille book of some kind with my
first package. Am I way off here, or what?
Bill K.

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