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Monte Single

Exactly Gene,


That is what I clearly wrote in the original post of this subject. The rugby 4 is a cell phone with Talkback.  There have been other  cell phone discussed on blindness related list such as the Gusto 3 and the odin.  The rugby 4 is the first such phone that my carrier of choice  has carried.


Hopefully I can check one out tomorrow.


Yes, I have downloaded and read the manual. On pages 84-85 it describes some of the features of Talkback.  But the info in the manual is not enough for me to make an informed   decision.





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Just because a phone doesn't run android and is not a smart phone doesn't mean it is not reasonably accessible.  As demonstrated in the presentation I did for accessible World, you can get a feature phone that is reasonably accessible and that doesn't run android.  That is the whole reason I did my presentation, to make people aware that there are phones that are not smart phones that are reasonably accessible. 



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I would agree with you if the phone ran android but from what i could
tell it doesn't.
 From the little i've heard about the j5 i believe it does so should be
fully accessible.

On 9/12/2015 8:43 AM, Aidan wrote:
> I don't know this phone, but it seems that Samsung in the last 2 years
> whent to great strives to make things at least a little better for us.
> I would say any galaxy model will be a success to handle. I'm going
> for the j5.
> On 12/09/2015, Norman <lists@...> wrote:
>> Hi.
>>   From a previous message.
>> Here is the link to the manual.
>> On 9/12/2015 4:04 AM, Fanus wrote:
>>> Hello Norman
>>> I can not find the manual on the site which you suggested. Can you
>>> help Please?
>>> Regards
>>> Fanus
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>>>      Hi.
>>>      This phone does not run android as referenced on a different post
>>>      from me.
>>>      Your best place to learn about accessibility is to read the manual.
>>>      Here is samsung's page on it.
>>>      And the manual.
>>>      HTH.
>>>      On 9/11/2015 6:34 PM, Monte Single wrote:
>>>>      Hi,
>>>>         Rugby 4 cell  phone?
>>>>      It is a flip phone with talkback, military grade.
>>>>      I do not want any info  about contracts or plans; I am primarily
>>>>      interested in the scope and features of talkback on this device.
>>>>      Thanks,
>>>>      MonteAnyone here have experience or information about the

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