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unfortunately, unlike in years gone by, there seem to be very few if any
grants around these days to help with this sort of thing, and even if you do
find one that will, it is very unlikely that it will cover the full cost, as
virtually all of them are being capped at either 2 or £300 now. I know that
gw micro had a payment plan for window-eyes, but am not sure if it is being
continued, now that it has been taken over.
it would probably be worth contacting the new provider of window-eyes
directly, as they may still offer it, but the UK dealers never seemed to do
it, even when gw did. I think it is AI squared or something like that now.

hope this helps.


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hi guys, I have a friend, who is down on her luck alittle at the moment.
She is wondering if there is anywhere she can apply to get funding help
to purchase computer software to help her access her laptop computer
She is visually impaired, and has been for a number of years. She is
just getting into the technical world of computers. As her family have
purchased her the laptop as a present.
The Issue seems to be, affording to buy either Jaws screen reader or
Window Eyes screen reader.
I have already mentioned NVDA to her, and she downloaded the software,
and tried it out for a few weeks, but had to give up in distress, as she
could not get to grips with the software at all.
She has tried the Jaws demo software and loves it, and her local library
has WE installed on their computer systems, and she also gets on pretty
well with this software also.

Can anyone please suggest somewhere that might help her with the funding
to purchase either Jaws or WE?.
My friend lives in Scotland UK,

Billy Inglis

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