Re: funding.

goshawk on horseback

unfortunately, the RNIB is one of the places that, unless they have changed
yet again, have stopped funding access software. even if they do, the max
amount one can get from them is only £300 I think.


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Hi Billy:

I don't live in Britain or any of his isles!

I do have a question for you: Have you or your friend made any attempts to
contact the Royal National Institute for the Blind? It is possible that
this renowned organisation can come up with plans to help your friend obtain
her screen reader of choice.

I can't say I know how the RNIB functions now; however, years ago, when I
was a student in some strange environments, the RNIB Students Library came
to my rescue by letting me borrow Braille books and returning them after
use. They did SHIP the books to me wherever I was. At that time, the RNIB
Students Library was located on Goswell Road in London. I did visit them
sometime back to thank them for helping me with books for my studies and
other reading pleasures and assignments.

I don't know if the RNIB main office is still at 224 Great Portland Street
in London, but i think you'll find the info much faster using Google to
locate their website. If I were living next door or somewhere in Europe,
I'll do what i can to help in some way! But i hide here in the Rockies and
I won't see Britain for a few years. Good luck and I hope your friend gets
the help she needs soonest.

Denver, Colorado

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